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A Brussels born creative audio network.

Whether you’re looking for an emotional score to your film, a professional voice over, or catchy sonic branding, we examine your needs and match you with the perfect sound.

It’s easy to make your project sound good, but to make it sound great is really something different.

But hey, different we can do.

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BRUSSELS - Perfectly Imperfect

[Music Fades In] [Distant city Ambience] [Slow Whoosh ] [Footstep Splashes in Puddle] [Raining] [Cloth Flapping in the Wind] [Bird Chirping] [Chainsaw] [People Cheering ] [Clap ] [Shimmering Sound] [City in the Backgorund] [Skateboard ] [People talking in the background] [Skateboard Pops] [Flame Bursts] [Pack of Fries Hits the Table] [Bicycle passes] [Whistle in the Background] [Rain Falling on Coat] [City Ambience With Birds] [Water Drops in Puddle] [Music Fades Out] [Young Male Voice Speaks]
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Radio 1 Podcastweken

[Soft Male Voice Over] [Thoughtful Inner Monologue] [Upbeat Commercial Voice Over] [Bathroom Ambience] [Ambience Fades away through Lowpass filter]
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Mountain Dew

[Crow in Distance] [Forest Ambience] [People boxing in the Background] [Male Voice Over Starts] [MountainBike Close Up ] [Drifts to Stop the Bike] [Man Exhales] [Woman Breathes In and Out] [Birds Chirping] [Grinding the Road Superfast] [Boxing Bell] [Boxer Slaps His Gloves Together] [Microphone Feedback] [Typing on Phone] [Boxer in Red Puffs] [Microphone Feedback Swells] [Iceblocks Riveting] [Drinking Sound Reversed] [Coat Zipper] [Breathe Out] [Man Puts Helm On] [Skateboards Scrapes Across The Road] [Crowd Starts Applauding] [Bicycle goes fast] [Dive in the water] [Boxing Punch Lands] [Flashing Sounds] [Skateboards Scrapes the Corner] [Music Fades Out] [Woman Walks Away On High Heels] [City in Background With With Police Sirene] [Woman Breathes in] [Man Exhales] [Reversed Church Bell] [Arpeggiated Beat Starts]
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Plan A

[Booty by Lyna] [Gunshot] [VHS Noise] [Crowd Cheering] [Glitch] [Heartfelt Confession] [Whoosh] [Money Folding] [Tape Recording] [Casette Eject] [Big Dreams] [Fans Scream] [Glitch] [Beat] [Reverse Sweep] [Camera Flash] [Snare] [Shutters] [Powerful Quote] [Music Continues] [Music Stops] [Very Big Dreams] [Riser] [Crowd Roars] [Beat] [Confident Quote] [Static] [Yell] [Glitches] [Deep Male Voice] [Meaningful Quote] [Song by WaWa] [Crowd Noises] [Whoosh] [Car Interior] [Tattoo Needle] [Teasing Quote] [Flashes] [Boom] [Truth] [VHS Noise]
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Telenet Playsports

[Fast Cars Far Away] [Male Voice] [Door Opens] [Synth Chords (minor)] [Helmet Clicks] [Camera Clicks] [VHS Camera Zoom] [Music Swells] [Male Voice] [Honest Testimony] [Synth Chords (major)] [Strong Quote] [Hopeful Arpeggio] [Humorous Twist] [Commentator on Speakers] [Ominous Drone] [Fast Car Noises] [Flag Flutters] [Subtle Excited Crowd] [Excited Male Voice] [Car Passing Right to Left] [Funny Turn Of Phrase] [High Speed Car] [Tension Building Texture] [Music Rises] [Lowpass Filter] [Silence] [Final Quote] [Big Bass Note] [On Brand Music] [Reversed Guitar]
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Two To Tango

[Ominous Drone] [Big Drum Hit] [Dark Atmospheric Room Tone] [More Distant Drums] [Moody Synthesizers] [Flash Bulb] [Bell Rings] [Footsteps] [People Cleaning Rubble] [Filtered Kick Rising] [Big Gate Closing] [Eerie Strings] [Rumbling Drums] [Big Snare Hit] [Teasing Quote] [Only Reverb] [Subdued Drums] [Male Voice] [People Scurrying] [Vinyl Crackle] [Tango!]